Friday, September 11, 2009

Cry Baby Left Cries "Terrorist" As Agenda Is Rejected By US

After weeks of bad news, from Crap and Trade, Health Care Reform, Van Jones, Yosi Sergant and approval rates in the toilet, the left is screaming like Chicken Little to deflect eyes from the disaster called the Obama Administration.

Their brilliant plan is to call Glenn Beck a terrorist, but wouldn't that mean they love him?

To start with a sample of leftists that got the memo and are soldiering on with Plan Lie From The Red Planet is Ohio's own "Fundamental Truths", as if they've ever rubbed up against one:

Today's Biggest Terrorist Threat

He was able to mimic other "progressive" sites such as:

Gawker: 'Glenn Beck is an Actual Terrorist, and the People ...
David Sirota: Glenn Beck Is A 'Right-Wing Political Terrorist ...
Doug's Dynamic Drivel » Glenn Beck – Right Wing Terrorist
Glenn Beck with a Turban Would be Just Another Terrorist in Gitmo ... - Glenn Beck is terrorist who led Van Jones lynch...
CNN Guest : Racist Glenn Beck a "Right-Wing Political Terrorist
Glenn Beck is a Political Terrorist
You are hated: Dear Glenn Beck

I think the real question is whether they are getting their lies directly from the Rahm Axelrod Obama troika or if their astroturfing is just serial plargiarism.