Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lockerbie Bomber Served Less Than 12 Days For Each Murder Victim

Compassion for a "family man: first and foremost"? Of course, there are no "guilty" people in prison, are there?

Lockerbie bomber flies home to die after being released
Al-Megrahi pleaded to die with his family in Libya in an emotional letter to Mr MacAskill. He said: “I am terminally ill with no prospect of recovery.

“I am a family man: first and foremost I am a son, husband, father and grandfather. It would be my wish to return to my family to spend the short time that I have left with them.

“I have been separated from my family as a result of what I consider to be an unjust conviction. I have tried to bear that with a degree of equanimity and dignity.”

Tell me, is that a flat rate of 72 virgins or 72 virgins for each death? Being a family man, he probably wants to know. Being compassionate and all, he wants to be near mama and the kids just before he gets his bribe reward.