Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Friend Of Obama Need Never Plead Guilty

From Gateway Pundit

Obama Justice Department Kills Investigation into Dem Bill Richardson
Today's Hope and Change---The Obama Justice Department killed an investigation into pay-for-play allegations against Democratic Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico.Richardson was being investigated by a federal grand jury in his home state for possibly steering state bond business from the New Mexico Financial Authority toward David Rubin, a significant campaign contributor.

Just a few other "investigations handled by Obama and team:

Charges Against 'New Black Panthers' Dropped by Obama Justice Dept ...
Charges against George Obama dropped -
Cole Bombing Charges Dropped; Obama to Meet With 9/11 Families ...
House Votes to Shelve Resolution Against Rep. Rangel
House Kills Effort to Investigate Lobbyist-Lawmaker Ties ...
Obama ousts AmeriCorps' IG who investigated friend Bleacher Report
Amtrak IG's severance raises questions

If Mumia Abu-Jamal can show he donated or supported the Obama, look for him to be released soon, after a review of the "facts" by Holder of course, in a neighborhood near you.