Friday, May 15, 2009

Obama's Closing of Thousands Of Dealership To Cost 100,000 + Jobs

In the blue-smoke & mirror economics of Obama's world he has not raised taxes on those making less than $250,000 even though he is actually raising billions of dollars in new taxes from them.

In the same world where Obama lives he is putting people back to work and improving lives by firing them. Not just CEOs, but all workers.

15 Chrysler Dealerships To Close In Md
Government bailouts mean government control. In a move backed by the White House's Auto Task Force, 789 Chrysler dealerships will be shut down.

Dealers received termination letters Thursday morning."What we didn't sign up for is having the government come out and say, `Hey, we're going to cut 2,500 GM dealers and 800 Chrysler dealers because we think ultimately it's going to make those companies more successful,'" said Peter Kitzmiller, president of the Maryland Automobile Dealers Association.

He says shutting down local dealerships won't work.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kitzmiller is wrong about his conclusion and wrong about why the dealerships are being closed against the will of the owners and their workers. This is part of Obama's overall plan with a strategy of making problems so bad that only the government can fix them and, of course, own part or all of the business which will only sell government approved products.

The Democratic Party is now the Socialist Party of America. I hope that loyal Democrats are totally and completely ashamed. When will the citizenry turn on the party and the administration? Hopefully soon.