Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Obama Orders Chevrolet and Dodge Out Of NASCAR...

The secret to a really good April fools joke is making it really believable. In this case Car & Driver offered up a story that is so believable that they had to apologize.

APRIL FOOLS? Obama Orders Chevrolet and Dodge Out Of NASCAR...

Sorry! - Car News
April 2009

Car and Driver has a proud tradition of April Fools’ Day jokes stretching back 30 years. We regret if this year’s went too far.

Actually, when Obama returns from his Cavalcade of Chat, where he is putting world leaders to sleep, he will drive Chevy and Dodge not only out of NASCAR, but out of business. He won't feel his work finished until only Toyota remains and all the drivers are illegal aliens.

UPDATE: I was reminded by email that I should be fair to Obama because each race field will be driven not by just illegal aliens, but also former Gitmo inmates and people totally unqualified to race. Each team will also have to conform to socio-economic, sexual orientation and racial guidelines, not to pointless and old fashioned ideas of skill and private ownership. To bring NASCAR up to speed, so to speak, it will be renamed the Fannie & Freddie Unity Car Klash.

I do stand corrected.