Friday, April 03, 2009

Obama, Court Jester Understudy, For Geithner

My, how quickly the bubble has formed around Obama, completely obliterating reality and puffing up his ego to the size of Pink Floyd's famous pig blimp.

Inside Obama's meeting with bank CEOs
The bankers struggled to make themselves clear to the president of the United States.

Arrayed around a long mahogany table in the White House state dining room last week, the CEOs of the most powerful financial institutions in the world offered several explanations for paying high salaries to their employees – and, by extension, to themselves.

“These are complicated companies,” one CEO said. Offered another: “We’re competing for talent on an international market.”

But President Barack Obama wasn’t in a mood to hear them out. He stopped the conversation, and offered a blunt reminder of the public’s reaction to such explanations. “Be careful how you make those statements, gentlemen. The public isn’t buying that.”

“My administration,” the president added, “is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

Pitchforks? Does he mean like peasants in Shelley's Frankenstein, chasing down the monster while waving torches to ward off the night, but crazed with fear?

Obama's campaign created the fear. To get elected. As a junior Senator Obama refused to listen to the warning on Capitol Hill. Maybe he just didn't want to rock the boat. The polls probably told him not to.