Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Apologies To My Visitors

I enjoy very much being part of BNN/Ohio and having the opportunity to read opposing views. Even though I may disagree with many of them I find that most are good people with interesting and thoughtful views. Lisa Renee does an absolutely outstanding job of being editor and has never been anything but gracious and receptive to my ideas and responsive to my questions.

Why am I apologizing? Simple, my visitors have had to see extreme vulgarities in a few of the headlines on the BNN feed that I have on my site. Unfortunately, some spew their trash as a child might to act cool and 'grown up.' They are neither.

Lisa Renee allowed me share my concern with her. I expressed to her that I have been known to cut loose with some most colorful language from time to time. Unfortunately, many of my friends can attest to that. I am careful not to offend those who do share my opinion that it is perfectly okay to reply to a stupid statement with a, "I don't give a dead rat's (behind)." When I do, it is the child in me that I allow out. My late mother and my wife have never been impressed, swayed or humored when that juvenile in me slipped out the few times it did within their earshot. I apologized immediately and made sure I didn't offend again as I would to any person.

I have no doubt that those that speak like this in a public forum such as BNN's headline ticker do not care if others are offended. They don't care if those with deep feelings of religion or just plain common self respect are offended because these writers understand neither. Actually, I think they're probably amused by their immature and offensive headline histrionics.

Again, I apologize if you have been offended and I am trying to effect a change.