Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Zack Space Drunk Driver Medalist

Zack Space doesn't really have to come up with his own caustic lines when he can steal and then twist statements from PJ O'Rourke;

"Giving money and power to Congress is like giving whisky & car keys to teenagers."

As the cliche goes, if you put Congress in charge of deserts, there'd be a sand shortage in no time.

Zack, never one to lose a chance to pander, now has evolved from a "consumer protection" lawyer into a businessman extraordinaire. AIG is contractually obligated to pay the bonuses, but Zack the businessman says they are exhibiting "irresponsible behavior" if they follow the law. Maybe Zack is trying to drum up some business to help the aggrieved recipients if the bonuses are not paid or maybe he is just following the de jour memo from Pelosi to keep beating on business and raising taxes more and more.


- Taxpayers Would Recoup “Reward” for Irresponsible Behavior -

Responding to calls for action from outraged constituents, Congressman Zack Space (OH-18) today called for a 100% tax on bonuses awarded by AIG to their top employees. Despite taking $170 billion in taxpayer-funded bailout, AIG is unbelievably awarding their executives $165 million in bonus compensation.

“Giving these executives bonuses for their performance with AIG is like giving a drunk driver a medal,” Space said. “Instead of handing these reckless executives checks for millions in bonuses, they should be handed pink slips.”

“If AIG can’t figure out a way to stop these payments, we will just have to take that money back,” Space continued.

The AIG Taxpayer Protection Act, which Space has cosponsored, would require AIG to pay 100% of the value of the bonuses awarded back to the taxpayers. This bill is set to be introduced today.

Congressman Space is also an original cosponsor of the Cap Executive Officer Pay Act of 2009, a bill that will limit the amount of salary, bonuses, and stock options for executives of companies receiving federal rescue assistance to prevent this from happening in the future.

Congressman Space has represented Ohio's 18th Congressional District since 2007. He is working to restore integrity to the office, create the conditions to bring new industry and jobs to Ohio, and support renewable energy.

Maybe Congress needs to tax these people at 100% to make up for all the Obama nominees who didn't pay their taxes. Of course, Zack's dream is to tax every business 100%. That'll teach the money grubbing business owner a thing or two. Of course it would put the federal government further in debt, but they'll just print more bogus money. That's how they do business.