Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Is Why Obama & His Bonus Babies Want To Regulate Crying

By focusing on the Clintonistas pain model, now that thse same Democrats that are screaming about executive bonuses protected huge bonuses that went to their friends at Freddie and Fannie, Democrats are directing people away from what really caused our economic problems. Liberal executives such as Franklin Raines who that year received a $1.1 million dollar bonus on top of his salary of $526,000 and the always estimable Jamie Gorelick, who has no experience in finance at all, received a $779,000 bonus on top of her $567,000 salary as Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae. She obviously was stealing her salary from the taxpayer.

This is the same Gorelick that took over disgraced Webster Hubbel's position of enforcer as Deputy Attorney General. This is the same Gorelick that made 9/11 possible by Gorelick's "wall of separation" that prohibited intelligence and criminal investigators from cooperating in their separate attempts to protect America. Gorelick has brought down planes, the World Trade Towers and now houses all over America.

This is the same Gorelick that BooHoo Obama wanted to appoint Attorney General of the United States of America.

Just as he was campaigned, Obama's handlers will use bait and switch to constantly keep the focus off the real problems, which would need real solutions to correct. By posing false symptoms as the problem, they can institute false solutions which are actually government wolves in sheep's clothing.