Monday, March 16, 2009

Tea Party: Rage In Cincinnati

UPDATE: I titled this post because the the photograph
below. Since that time I have read at Bizzy Blog and Virtuous Republic (see
links to them below) about a reporter, Adam Marshall from WCPO, who felt that he
had to run away because he was in danger from attendees at the rally. I do not
believe him. I did not see any activity at the rally that was out of line except
one woman who kept yelling her support for Obama and trying to interrupt the

If Adam Marshall was so terrified, I ask him to produce proof. Unlike
liberals, progressives and socialists, we do not put up with actions such as
Adam Marshall described. If what he says is true then those responsible should
be prosecuted to the fullest no matter who they are. Otherwise, Adam Marshall is
just another reporter with their panties in a twist and trying to make a lie a

The Tea Party in Cincinnati, Ohio was impressive. There are reports of over five thousand people attending and it appears those reports are accurate (police reports confirm). The rally was held in Fountain Square and the square and surrounding areas were packed to hear speakers and to vent at what people believe is wrong about the Pelosi, Obama, Reid administration. More taxes, more spending, bailouts and larger government.

I saw a lone Obama supporter trying to argue with people, actually yelling, but she was repeatedly booed down.

Though the mood was of good spirits, there was an under current of anger with the administration and the direction it is taking the country.

Here are some photographs from the event. Click on to enlarge.

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