Thursday, February 12, 2009

Help Stop The Socialist Stimulus Plan

Socialized Medicine Included.

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This Fight Is Not Over
We still have two chances to win in the House or Senate!

Dear Taxpayer,

Will you join me in taking a stand in the first major policy battle of President Obama’s Administration?

Stop the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Trillion Dollar Spending Bill, Sign Our Online NO Stimulus Petition TODAY- Click Here

Yesterday in the U.S. Senate we suffered a difficult defeat as the $838 billion senate version of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama spending bill passed the senate with 61 votes. While yesterday’s vote is a disappointing setback, we cannot be discouraged. Much of this fight still lies ahead in the next few days.

Despite today’s passage in the Senate, this fight is far from over!

The bill will still have to go to conference to work out differences between the House and Senate versions, before coming back to both chambers for another vote. They will fight to add back as much pork as possible, including brand new pork not in either the House or Senate version.

You can fight back today by clicking here and joining the growing army of taxpayers saying NO by signing Americans for Prosperity’s petition to stop this disastrous trillion-dollar debt scheme.
We’ve got to keep raising awareness and increase the pressure against this spending and debt outrage. Thanks to the help of our signers forwarding this to their friends and family, calling talk radio, and promoting it on the internet, we’ve blown past 200,000 signed petitions!

Just what is wrong with this bill? …

Under the auspices of a “Comparative Effectiveness Review” the package
heavily funds the first steps towards the government-mandated rationing of
health care and tramples your right to medical privacy.

The so-called “Stimulus Package” is being sold to taxpayers as an
investment in useful infrastructure like roads and bridges. But the facts prove
otherwise. Only 3.6% of the scheme’s $838 billion price tag would actually go to
real, practical infrastructure projects–roads and bridges.

This trillion-dollar debt and spending scheme will provide little or no
stimulus, but will put each and every American household in at least $6,700 of
new debt, to be paid by our children and grandchildren.

It is critical that we send a loud and clear message to DC politicians that ordinary citizens simply cannot afford the crushing burden and devastating consequences of this initiative.

Please act now to make your voice heard — and encourage your friends and family to do the same — by signing AFP’s petition here.

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity