Monday, February 09, 2009

Call Your Congressman & Tell Them To Vote NO On The Stimulus Plan

With no shame at all, well maybe a tad, I stole this from Webutante. Pass it on to everyone you know, kinda know or want to know.

Dialing for Dollars: Call The White House, Your Senators and Congressmen Now About the Stimulus
WHITE HOUSE CONTACT INFO (202 456-1111, direct)

I've just gotten off the phone with The White House, Congressman Jim Cooper's office and both Senators Lamar Alexander's and Bob Corker's assistants. Each office I called had a real live person answer the phone and actually take notes on what I had to say. Now that's democracy in action.

Each staff person I talked to assured me that they would interupt President Obama, Senators Corker and Alexander and Rep. Cooper from whatever else they were doing and tell them I had just called. No really.

And when I finish this post, do my hair, get my stuff together to take to the dry cleaners, I'm then going to start called the offices of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Henry Waxman (202 225-3976), Sen. Harry Reid and on and on. What better things do we have to do than try to save ourselves and our children and grandchildren from this pathetic nonsense?

Anyway, I'm very glad I took the time to do this though I had to force myself to make that first call. After that it got easier. I'm posted contact information again for the White House and Congress which I hope you'll use.

For the record, I kept my message brief and simple. Here are the few points I made:

1. The best stimulus is cutting government spending.
2. The second best stimulus is keeping taxes low for individuals and businesses.
3. It is monumentally important that small businesses and entrepreneurs have low and lower tax rates and regulation since it is this economic group that creates the most jobs in America today. The more taxes and regulation, the greater the cost of running a business. And when costs go up, jobs are cut out or greatly scaled back. This will hurt our economy even more.
4. Allow businesses and banks to fail instead of putting them on permanent life support and making zombies out of them. Don't take consequences away from poor business decisions.
5. Much of the bill contains President Obama's domestic agenda that will increase Big Government, rather than create real stimulus which will jump-start the private sector.

These are more than enough. If you have more, and there certainly are many more, please post them in the comments below. Please make the time to do whatever you can to have your voice be heard. It's so important.

Get calling.