Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Is Our President

And he will oversee the loss of the greatness of America. Our enemies within our country and those outside will begin to chip away at us both politically and physically and an Obama Administration will have to accept it in the name of change, implied to mean for the better, and in the name of 'fairness' as they ascertain it in this, their new world order.

A man with little qualifications and a political agenda so repugnant as to be un-American is now President of the United States of America. The voters of our country threw a hissey fit today and it will haunt not just us, but the world for untold years.

Just as America freed 30 plus million people in Afghanistan and Iraq and were poised to bring freedom to more of the world, voters here in America threw that away. Our enemies are watching and laughing. They were defeated in battle as well as in the world of ideas and ideals, but tonight have won in the world of politics here in America.

They did not win alone. Republicans, and especially those that call themselves conservative, have beat on President Bush and other Republicans constantly through this campaign. They refused to step forward and become a positive part of the process even though they stated they knew the consequences. Unfortunately, we will have to live with what they have wrought which is nothing more than a selfish act befitting a child. They have accomplished nothing for the conservative movement, but they have accomplished what liberals could not since the election of James Earl Carter.

I am disappointed in the American people, but I am ashamed of the 'conservative' voter. They have betrayed that which they say they hold sacred, America.

Barack Hussein Obama is now my president. Our nation's voters, greedy for more entitlements and other hand outs, have not only made the White House socialist, but have made our Congress more liberal to support his socialism.

As a supporter of my new president I must say it is a sad day for America.