Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gimmicks 'R' Us Part Deux, Role Reprised By Obama

Via Gateway Pundit

Obama's grandmother, fresh from being tossed under the bus, will finally have Obama's undivided attention in Hawaii for a few days as the 3:00 AM "president" will be unavailible as his campaign is suspended . This familia respite will offer a few more days in which Obama will not have to address the media and answer any pesky questions. I'm sure Axlerod already has plans to hogtie and muzzle Biden as well. As a campaign canon, Biden is a tad loose.

Already, the hearts of the left, understanding his personal need is greater than the country, have poured out to the sensitive, caring and priority focused man of their dreams.

Cold cash doesn't have any warmth unless it heats your cold house, but I digress. McCain was accused of gimmickery for asking Obama to suspend politics to address the needs of the country when the current Democrat financial crisis occupied the ADD minds of Congress.

September 24, 2008

Gimmicks 'R' Us
McCain suspends his campaign because of financial crisis? Oh please. Given today's poll numbers--even Fox has him dropping--it seems another Hail Mary (like the feckless selection of Palin) to try make McCain seem a statesman, which is difficult given the puerile tenor of his campaign's message operation.

October 20, 2008

Obama to suspend for ill grandmother
Barack Obama will suspend campaigning for a day and a half so that he can fly to Hawaii to be at the side of his gravely ill grandmother, a campaign aide said late Monday.

Barack proves once again that his grandmother is just a political prop. I wish her well and hope she regains her strength.

Obama on the other hand should be spanked.

Read the rest at Gateway Pundit. It is a good read.