Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Obama's Troopers & Their Troof

Democratic Underground is filled with shadow warriors for peace and prosperity whose weapons create disorder and poverty for, you know, the children. They work to make America great one false insinuation at a time.

The troof about Republicans, Gov. Sarah Palin and the Republican Convention:
Mention Katrina - check
Tie Gustav to Katrina - check
Ridicule hunters - check
Ridicule rednecks - check
Tie rednecks to Republicans - check
Ridicule family about sex education - check
Imply daughter too stupid to have sex - check
Say Republicans are a global joke - check
Use lots of derogatory vulgarities - check
Tie Hillbillies to rednecks and tie both to Republicans - check
Bring up derogatory terms such as Dart Vader as Republicans - check
Be smarmy, hateful and dishonest - check

Welcome to the thinking of the supporters of Obama.

The Collapse of the F**ktarded Party
Warren Stupidity (1000+ posts)
On the anniversary of Katrina, Gustav, the storm that wasn't, failed to flood New Orleans while concurrently a shitstorm of revelations about the dysfunctional redneck fundamentalist frontier hockey super mom Palin, everywoman if you shoot your own breakfast and believe in keeping your teenage daughter ignorant of the basics of birth control and free enough to discover the consequences of that ignorance all on her own, has flooded the GOP's presidential convention with so much embarrassingly bad news that they have become a global joke.

And that was just day one of their convention. I am glued to my computer eagerly awaiting day two of the Washington Hillbillies meet Darth Vader. The F**ktarded Party has become a Reality Show Super Spectacular!

I'm not really sure how such a superior person can deign to live amongst such lesser people. It must be trying for him, but he has 1,000+ posts to assuage his rage. He'll always have that.