Friday, August 01, 2008

Pelosi The Censor Stifles Dissent In US House

After Nana Pelosi, the housewife from Baltimore, and her cronies got on their enviro-friendly jets and charters to gas off to where ever, the lights, sound and cameras in the House of Representatives were purposely turned off as 20+ members attempted to continue debate on our energy crisis, the liberal dependence on foreign oil.

Nana, the mayor's daughter from Baltimore, censored any dissent from her imperial decree that there shall be no discussion or debate that might reach the ears of the voters. Many voters heard her and Punch Happy Harry Reid claim that President Bush could lift an Executive Order banning of shore drilling, which President Bush lifted, and all would be well. Now, she doesn't want the voter to know that she, Nana Pelosi, queen of the tuna deals, refuses to listen to them, so now we can't listen to anybody from the House.

Now we can see that Liberalism is Fascism.