Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill Clinton Does As Expected

He lies.

The first black president did as expected as he spoke his first paragraphs at the DNC tonight by stabbing our current president, freedom and our country in the back by undermining all of our foreign and domestic policy which our enemies will highlight tonight, tomorrow and beyond.

After Hillary's speech last night and Bubba's speech tonight kissing Obama's butt and lying through their teeth about Barack, I think the only question is how much did it cost Obama. How much will it cost us?

Did you expect anything else from a Clinton?

UPDATE: Bubba just took credit for prosperity and peace for America citing that Republicans said he was too young and too inexperienced to be commander in chief as they are saying of Obama now saying what a great job the Clinton led party did and what a great job Obama will do. What a crock of crap. Clinton(s) damn near destroyed us and took credit for Republican efforts as his own. What do you expect from a Clinton?

UPDATE II: It is obvious that Hillary brought proof of a peace deal in the negotiations with Obama's people in her speech last night, tonight Bill publicly kissed Obama's butt and sealed the deal for whatever the Clinton's want. Yes, one would expect that of a Clinton. Wouldn't you?