Monday, May 12, 2008

Saving New Orleans By Destroying It

via Veritas et Venustas

Brad Pitt is trying to help. Help is building houses in the 9th Ward in New Orleans where if there is a major storm, hurricane or flood again, all the house will be destroyed again, but Pitt is trying to help. I wish he'd stop. I think a whole lotta people in New Orleans feel the same way, but some people have no choice but to go with Pitt because the city government is run by morons totally incapable of policing Mardi Gras let alone a city.

Forcing starchitects, as John Massendale calls them, on people is just wrong and egotistical. How do you save a neighborhood by making it what it never was? How do you save a neighborhood by building stupid, ugly little houses that will never be homes?