Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wahhabi Mecca Is A Bin Laden/Saudi Money Maker

I wrote a piece earlier about Disney does Mecca and now Gateway Pundit has more news about the why.

These projects not only allow the Saudis to profit more from the hajj, which religious Muslims are obliged to make at least once, but also have imposed a Wahabi straitjacket on the pilgrimage. Formerly, Shia and sufic pilgrims observed the hajj with all sorts of individual rituals and visits to shrines and tombs they referred. Now, thanks to the Bin Ladens' demolition and construction projects only a Wahabi version of the pilgrimage is possible.

More information here on the history and the why, another here and here.

Abraj al-Bait is just part of it, but a big part since it is essentially a Saudi abomination and a Saudi profit center to make huge profits of Islam and the pilgrams that revere Mecca as a holy site.
Wahabis destroying the past to ensure the future? Nah, that would just make them cheap little revisionists like the liberals and progressives here in the United States. Would they aim that low?