Thursday, January 24, 2008

Representative John Boehner And Reading Photos And Body Language

If you believe in this sort of thing then you have to believe we just got screwed. It's not just Harry Reid's smug sagacity, Pelosi's poop eating grin or President Bush's look of sincerity.

It is Congressman Boehner's look. That look tells me we just got screwed. I don't know how, but even without knowing all the facts I know deep in my heart that we are hip deep in doodoo and we will probably never get out of it from the look on John Boehner's face.

If you know Congressman Boehner you'll know of what I speak. If you do not know Boehner, start getting to know him because he is a straight conservative shooter who knows his stuff inside and out. Look at his face.

We. Are. Screwed.

You read it and let me know what I already know.