Friday, January 18, 2008

Now Ohio Dem Leader Needs Ethics Training For GOTV Training

Sen. Ray Miller (D., Columbus), new minority leader in the Ohio Senate after a cloak and dagger peer hall putsch, seems to have some questionable dealings that had some Democrats scratching their heads after they helped him topple Sen. Teresa Fedor of Toodeelydoo.

As to the fundraising efforts of the dozen Dems in the Ohio Senate I would have to assume that only paying less than half your bill will make the ledger sheet appear more robust.

Miller owes Downtown hotel $26,000
Records show that the National Progressive Leadership Caucus, founded by Miller, hosted a dinner at the hotel and was billed $46,278. After an initial payment of $20,000, the remainder of the debt remained unpaid, the records show. Message were left with Miller's office and the hotel seeking further details.

The debt was not listed on Miller's 2007 financial disclosure form for the state, which covered calendar year 2006.

Public officials aren't required to report debt incurred during normal business activities. There is, however, a space on the form for listing all names under which an official and family members do business. Miller did not list the Leadership Caucus there, nor does it appear as a registered corporation, nonprofit or political entity in state or federal databases.

The Center for Urban Progress, which Miller listed as his employer in that year, failed to file its statement of continued existence in 2005 and had its business status canceled, state business filings show.

So the new minority leader started one group, was paid by another and neither are a real business in Ohio. I guess unreal businesses don't have to pay their bills nor do they have to follow the law concerning disclosure because since they're not real then their expenses and other obligations aren't real either. I have to wonder if Rev. Strickland was treasurer or just the financial advisor.

It is going to be an interesting year right here in the heart of it all.