Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shameless Democrats Lie About Suicide To Trash Troops

Sen. Patty Murray is on C-Span giving a deeply heartfelt speech dripping with disdain for President Bush, the Republican Party and the war in Iraq. It is all based on a news story by CBS. In short, that means it is based on lies.

Patty Murray is a good choice, her father was a disabled veteran which gives her one of those unassailable liberal platforms. Patty worked in VA hospitals as a volunteer which adds gravitas to her and her position. Her heartfelt plea for common sense and common good is a shameless political ploy for liberals to get their way concerning Iraq. It is such a shameless political ploy because what they are saying is a lie. CBS knows it. Liberals know it, Democrats know it and Patty Murray knows it

Aviation Week picked up on this and has a short and sweet rebuttal called:
Doing the Math

How much longer will the Democrats, pushed by their wackjobs on the left, continue to insult us, the voters, and our troops.

They are shameless. They are liars.