Thursday, November 29, 2007

NYC Library Proves It Holds No Intelligence

The building does hold arrogance, cynicism and smugness. The recipe for Liberalism.

I'm sure that the staff and administration of the library was afraid they'd miss out on all the fun other "intellectuals" were having so they jumped in.

New York Public Library Exhibit Features Fake Mug Shots of Members of Bush Administration

The New York City library system is funded by public and private contributions.

"This exhibition has no political agenda," the library said in a statement issued Thursday. "The work described in the media has been presented out of context and is not a complete or fair representation of the entire exhibition — which showcases 23 different contemporary printmakers from around the world, featuring a range of subject matters."

The library also said that nothing in the exhibit is reflective of the views of the institution.

"Portions of this exhibition ... should not be viewed as a political statement by the library," it said.
Right, not a political statement. No Democrats, but not a political statement. These people are so intellectually smug that they think "those people" will believe them.

If you believe this, use the old Dewey Decimal System to find the library book numbered 666. Your receipt for the Brooklyn Bridge is just inside the front cover.