Thursday, November 01, 2007

Democrats Ally With Iran

Senators warn Bush has no authority on Iran

Thirty US senators wrote to President George W. Bush
Thursday, warning he had no authority to launch military
against Iran
, and expressing concern about the administration's
"provocative" rhetoric.

The senators, 29 Democrats and one independent, urged the
resolution of disputes with the Islamic Republic through diplomacy.

"We wish to emphasize that no congressional authority exists for
unilateral military action against Iran," the letter signed by senators
including presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Joseph Biden said.

The letter warned that a resolution passed by the Senate in
September, calling for the designation of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a
terrorist group, should not be used as a pretext for war.

It hit out at "provocative statements and actions" by the administration on Iran, after Bush last month warned Tehran must be barred from nuclear weapons to avoid the prospect of "World War III."

"These comments are counterproductive and undermine efforts to
resolve tensions with Iran through diplomacy," the letter, coordinated by
Virginia Senator Jim Webb, said.

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, a fierce critic of the
administration's policies, sent his own letter this week to Bush, reportedly
calling on him to open direct talks with Tehran.

His staff confirmed the letter had been sent, but declined to
release a copy.

I guess telling the truth is the same as "provocative statements and action". Actually the truth has always scared Democrats and terrified Liberals.

barACK Obama and JoJo Biden did not sign the letter having not received permission from their handlers. Chuckie Schumer when asked about the letter only said, "Mukasey who?" and wandered off.

Here are the 30 allies of Tehran.

Signed by: Akaka, Baucus, Boxer, Brown, Byrd, Cantwell, Carper, Casey, Clinton, Dodd, Dorgan, Durbin, Feinstein, Harkin, Johnson, Kerry, Klobuchar, Kohl, Leahy, McCaskill, Mikulski, Murray, Reed, Rockefeller, Sanders, Stabenow, Tester, Webb, Whitehouse, Wyden.

Chuck Hagel didn't sign because he had already sent a note concerning Iran to President Bush, but he did comment, "Nanni, nanni, poo, poo. I did it first", stuck out his tongue and ran away.