Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brent Musburger, NASCAR, OSU And God's Tempting Of Me To Shoot My TV

It was, as usual, horrible and irritating to have Brent Musburger announce the OSU vs Michigan football game yesterday. Of course most ABC Sports coverage is mainly about ABC, upcoming ABC shows and advertising with a little sports sprinkled in between. Musburger and "friends" then go on to discuss cute sidebars and have absolutely worthless tech gadgets block most of what sports they do show. Now, add Musburger's obvious bias for Michigan, his constant negative comments about anything OSU and you have a situation where heat rash is more enjoyable.

Today is the last NASCAR race of the season. The DuPont Dweeb, Lil'Jeffy Gorden, has a chance (very little) to win the championship. His team mate Jimmy Johnson is the likely winner. It could be a great race. For the championship finale ABC could have brought their "A" game, but no, they have decided not to. They brought Brent Musburger.

Why is Brent Musburger on my TV again? He knows less (and could care less) about NASCAR than I know about brain surgery. What have I done to deserve this?

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