Saturday, September 08, 2007

I Am A Republican Mouth Breather

As well as a knuckle dragger, I guess. Kos kiddies are really neat people in their own way.
Hagel Retiring; Sea Change in the West?

Republican mouth breathers won’t have Chuck Hagel to kick around anymore...
It seems they have their own mouth breather because the next story is:
Brian Baird featured in Freedom Crock ad

Nice going, Bri!


Do I mean that Baird has gone irretrievably over to the dark side when I
say that? No. I mean that Baird has discovered what, for Lieberman, proved to be
the "gateway drug" -- media stardom for being the Democrat who will go on record to provide the coveted Dems DividedTM storyline.

Do mouth breathers reside on the dark side? Will there be Wookies? Princess Leia?

It appears there will be liberal/progressives as well.

Darth's gonna be angry.