Thursday, September 13, 2007

Harry Reid - Come Over To The Dark Side

Petraeus unites GOP on pullout

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who failed repeatedly to muster
enough votes to compel the president to accept a pullout plan, yesterday said he
will try again next week with measures to force significantly larger troop

“I call on Senate Republicans not to walk lockstep with the president as they have done for years,” the Nevada Democrat said. “It is time to come over and join us.”

What part of the "Shut up" America is screaming does Reid not understand? Maybe if he could get Pelosi and Soros out of his, er, ear, he could hear that the people want him to stop.

Just grab Nancy and go home Harry or are you betting on the longshot with your horse "Man 0' Defeat"?

Hat tip This Ain't Hell