Friday, August 03, 2007

The Surge, Liberal Lies and Their Desperate Effort to Not Lose the Loss They Need

Via This Ain't Hell

At the "screw'em" YearlyKos konference on skrewing the kountry and Irak.
AN ODD CLOSE. As the Military and Progressives panel came to an end, a
young man in uniform stood up to argue that the surge was working, and cutting
down on Iraqi casualties. The moderator largely freaked out. When other members of the panel tried to answer his question, he demanded they "stand down." He demanded the questioner give his name, the name of his commander, and the name of his unit. And then he closed the panel, no answer offered or allowed, and stalked off the stage,

Wes Clark took the mic and tried to explain what had just occurred:
The argument appears to be that you're not allowed to participate in politics
while wearing a uniform, or at least that you shouldn't, and that the questioner
was engaging in a sort of moral blackmail, not to mention a violation of the
rules, by doing so. Knowing fairly little about the army, I can't speak to any
of that. But it was an uncomfortable few moments, and seemed fairly contrary to
the spirit of the panel to roar down the member of the military who tried to
speak with a contrary voice.

Liberals respond with their usual aplomb.

Five bucks says the guy was a plant.
Posted by: Farinata X
August 3, 2007 11:45 AM

I'm with Farinata on this one. Read Greenwald's post today to get
an idea of how hard the Bushies are working on properly propagandizing this war.
They know they've lost, now it's just the apportioning of blame.

"Since when is it a progressive principle to act as the "thought police"?"

Shut up, troll. you have become tiresome.
Posted by: brewmn August 3, 2007 12:10 PM

Simply put, the success we are now seeing in Iraq could be the end of liberal hope of destroying Bush and condemning Conservatives to the back benches.

They practice the freedoms our soldiers defend, but they wouldn't understand freedom if it bit them in the butt.

I agree with you brewmn, trolls have become tiresome, so why don't you shut up.