Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Secret Shoppers Needed in Toledo Government

From Thurber's Thoughts

More unnecessary spending
And then there is the concept that our mayor is spending tax dollars to
evaluate local businesses. To further add insult to injury, he publicly chastizes them because they don't 'measure up.' If I were a prospective visitor who'd just read this article, I'd be looking for a hotel in Perrysburg, as the mayor certainly didn't cast our hotels in a positive light.

I can't help but wonder - after he's finished with the hotels, what
will be next? Will he turn his attention to local restaurants? retail outlets?
movie theaters?

Perhaps everyone would be better served if he turned those secret
shoppers on the city departments and agencies...especially since he has direct
authority over those entities - and that's what he was elected to do.

I think this is a great civic idea. The Mayor doesn't seem to listen to the citizenry. Maybe he'll listen to his own "truth squad". Did he say anything about "The Kaptur Inn"? I must have missed that.

HT to Carnival of Ohio Politics via the always cool, never nerdy, "Run BAK" aka, Ben Keeler.