Thursday, July 19, 2007

Poll- 61% of Kos Libs Love the War

In a surprising poll at at Daily Kos less than 40% were against the War on Terror. Other shocking findings were that people who have taken the poll like private insurance, oil company profits, Republican filibusters, the logic of global warming skeptics and the French more than humidity.

Washington pundits are at a loss to explain what they believe to be a seismic shift in the American electorate. An anonymous high ranking aide to a person who once knew Harry Reid was quoted "Harry and the harpy are gonna be crappin bricks over this."

Lawyers from the ACLU sat stunned when told the poll numbers showed that 85% of liberals liked the idea of suspending habeas corpus. One lawyer was seen tearing her hair out screaming "look at the press numbers". Those numbers showed 86% of respondents actually like "lazy" coverage of news events by the media which presumably includes Iraq.

One Presidential candidate mumbled to an aide within the hearing distance of one reporter who reported the she said, "Kos, that putz. Is he a jew? I don't give a damn, find out now you moron."

Calls to various University Political Science Departments have not been returned though one answering machine relayed what seemed to be a hastily recorded message about moving to Canada, a door slamming and then silence.

Republican pollsters were just as stunned with one, Bill Lee of TelOpinion, not able to finish the telephone call with what appeared to be hysterical laughter or a coughing fit.


(Poll numbers below)

Bill O'Reilly thinks you're a HATEmonger. What do you HATE most, you HATING HATER?

A catastrophic war started for bogus reasons 39% 4056 votes
How HMOs often put profits before patients 3% 343 votes
The Republican idea of a 'permanent filibuster' 0% 65 votes
That our government actually suspended habeas corpus 15% 1543 votes
Presidential signing statements that gut our laws 4% 480 votes
Massive oil company profits being made in wartime 2% 205 votes
Lazy media reporting 14% 1493 votes
The tortured logic of global-warming skeptics 1% 189 votes
How pundits who are consistently wrong still get airtime 7% 774 votes
The humidity 3% 355 votes
The fact that Congress and The White House endorse torture 4% 483 votes
And an option for visiting Fox viewers: The French! 2% 225 votes
10211 votes