Friday, May 11, 2007

The Crawford Ditch may run for Congress

Cindy Sheehan May Run for US Congress in 2008

(APN) ATLANTA – Renowned antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan is considering a
run for US Congress in 2008, Atlanta Progressive News has learned in the process
of interviewing Sheehan about her upcoming rally in Washington, DC, this
Mothers’ Day weekend. Sheehan became an activist in 2004 after her son, Casey,
was killed during the US Invasion of Iraq.

“I’m on the National Board for the Progressive Democrats of America and
they’re really trying to talk me into running for a Congressional Seat in 2008.
It’s almost getting to the time to make my mind up by now. I do have the name
recognition. I still can’t make my mind up on whether it would hurt the
movement,” Sheehan told APN in a phone interview.

Sheehan's apparent platform will be impeaching President Bush, presumably after he leaves office, and getting Dennis Kucinich named the Jester of Justice of the newly formed Department of Peace and Justice for Everything Else that progressives want formed immediately.

Rumors abounded in world capitals that support will be "a mile wide and an inch deep", especially in peaceful countries such as Iran and Syria. The still dead Yasar Arafat is already organizing door-to-door voter registration drives and told reporters that the coffee klatches were going "Weredi, weredi well. Allah be praised."

In Sheehan's home state, which ever one that might be, workers are busy getting her on the ballot(s) while reporters are stabbing each other in the back to get in on this scoop based on rumors that Sheehan will marry Hugo Chavez or the corpse of Fidel Castro.

Sheehan spokesperson, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, warned potential opponents that "God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Cindy."

In other related news, Michael Moore is in the preproduction phase of "Cindy: An anti-misogynous march on the patriarchy" which industry wags have dubbed "Chicko".