Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bloomberg - Faux Republican

How typical for Bloomberg to suggest another federal takeover. His Nannanista of the Big Apple just adores the idea of the federal government in charge of everything, because nobody does it better!

NEW YORK (AP) - Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is mentioned as a possible
2008 independent candidate for the White House, said Friday that the
presidential primary schedule is flawed and suggested the federal government
should take over and change it.

The fed took over our schools and now our kids can't read. The fed decided to take care of minorities and now they're worse off than before the help. The fed decided the Constitution was flawed in that freedom of religion needed to be protected and now we have to careful where we pray.

Maybe our lawmakers were taught in their public schools and think pry is close enough to pray.

Bloomberg for president? Let's cut to the chase and dig up Trotsky.

I'm starting holy hour early today. Lotsa communion. Scottish style.