Monday, February 12, 2007

Dick's Jane channels Enrico Fermi

Ahmadinejad siad in a speech:

Our youth have reached to the peak of technology in the medical field. They
have discovered the stem cells. Do you know what a stem cells is? It is the
fundamental cell of any person’s body. If you find it, you can use it build all
the organs of that person. You build his eye. You build his heart. You build the
liver. You build the kidney. You install them and it will work exactly like it
did before [in that person’s body].

The enemy wants to tell us we can’t. We should shout, youth! the
Iranian nation! we can! A teacher called me a short while ago. [she said] “There
is a girl in our school. She is 16 years old and she is in the third grade in
the high school. She tells us that she has invented nuclear energy at home.” I
told her to conduct a meeting at school and to research into it and know how
much serious this is. They did that and replied that it seems to be quite
serious. So, I called the head of the nuclear energy institute and told him… to
support her if her claim was true. So, they invited our nuclear scientists,
whose average age is less than 25 years. They had a meeting and talked to her.
They realized that she is telling the truth…So, they went to her house and found
out that she had bought some equipment from the market, with the help of her
brother, and in fact has produced nuclear energy. She is now there [in the
nuclear facilities] and she is a nuclear scientist. She has a driver and a
bodyguard now. This is self-confidence.

Ahmadinejad sonnenkinder